Check Latest Retailgraph Version Update

Check Latest Retailgraph Version Update


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RetailGraph Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)


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RetailGraph New Version Version (09.03.2023) uploaded on

You may download the same from the following link


New Features:


1. Add a new '+' sign on the Sales Invoice menu to open transactions in add mode when clicking on the same through the mouse.
In case of click on the caption, it will open the sales invoice browse.
In some other cases, when using Shortcut Key, Enter Icon and Recent it will open the transaction in Add mode.
Note: Added "+" sign on Sales ->Sales Invoice menu for open direct sales invoice in Add Mode.

2. Open the list on the dropdown when pressing enter key on Customer/Vendor, and the value is blank.
Note: Now Customer/Vendor dropdown will open when press enter and Customer/Vendor is not selected.


Issues Resolved:
  1. Product selection takes time in the sales transaction due to a huge lot of details.
  2. The Purchase invoice was taking time to import data from the Excel file due to a lot of details.
  3. The system getting hangs when opening a sales invoice by double-clicking on the report and the print the same.
  4. EmployeeID was updated wrong in the database through Admin Portal in the case of "Others" selected in the Type field of User Master.
  5. It is showing an error when exiting a sales invoice and same not have the Browse Rights.
  6. Record not deleted from TblTrnStatus_Dtl table when deleting a record from sales invoice.

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