Check Latest Retailgraph Version Update

Check Latest Retailgraph Version Update


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RetailGraph Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)


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Get information about latest RetailGraph Patch update (Version .


RetailGraph New Version Version uploaded on

You may download the same from the following link


New Features:


1. Add the following in SwilERP -> Utility -> Option
A. AllScan
B. Lock Detail
C. Data Flow From TO Admin

Note: Now, above, new features have been added in SwilERP.

2. Add a new option, "PHARMARACK (Update Upload Date)," in the schedule master.
Note: Now the "PHARMARACK (Update Upload Date)" option is also available in Schedule Master for auto-schedule the same.

3. Add a new option, "Limit Locked," in PharmaRack Registration. By default, it will be false.
Note: A new option has been added in PharmaRack Registration as "Limit Locked" to generate files accordingly.

4. Add a new button, "Cash Discount," with the F4 key in the Payment Counter.
Note: Added new option as above for entering cash discount at the time of Payment Counter received.


Issues Resolved:

  1. Showing run time error while importing Branch Transfer Return Out from Import Transaction.
  2. NameToPrint column didn't update properly in case of import through Excel.
  3. IRN number and Ack No are not showing in the attachment of WhatsApp and Email on the first print due to schedule.
  4. Overdue days are getting blank in customer master in case of importing customers through Excel.
  5. Message not showing when canceling IRN of an invoice; same was adjusted in credit note.

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