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Check Latest Retailgraph Version Update


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RetailGraph Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)


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New Features:


1. Add a new menu, "Connect To Internet", in the options menu to stop all schedules.
Note: Now you may stop to send Internet-related schedules, e.g. email, whatsapp etc., from deselecting the above option.

2. Add functionality to disable branch selection in system default once the product adds in data.
Note: Now, Branch selection will be disabled after the product is added to the product master.

3. Add new buttons "Email" and "Print" on Generate E-Invoice option.
Note: Now added new buttons for Email OR Print selected Invoices on Generate E-Invoice option.

4. Add Delivery Status Filter on Generate E-Invoice option.
Note: Now you may filter invoices with Delivery Status on Generate E-Invoice option.

5. Add the Delivery Status field on Generate E-Invoice option.
Note: Added a new column as "Delivery Status" in the grid layout of Generate E-Invoice option.

6. Now generate a Single E-Invoice for Goods and Services.
Note: A Single E-Invoice will now generate for Goods and Services created in Sales Invoice.


Issues Resolved:

  1. Picking sales invoice series in place of Sales Challan when using the "Convert Order To Challan" option, and the challan series is blank.
  2. Message not sent through WhatsApp in case customer name has "&" sign.
  3. Showing run time error on maximize of System Maintenance and Export/Import Transaction window.
  4. Receivables menu shows two times in the analysis.
  5. Showing run time error on the "Update Bank Reconcile Bank Date" menu.
  6. Showing run time error on the "Verify Transaction" menu.
  7. Check "Upload Permission" in SSO before uploading data on Admin Portal.
  8. Address not showing in Sales Check List and Purchase Checklist Report.
  9. Showing discontinued products in the Replacement Product field of the product master.
  10. Next and previous not working party-wise when data is generated Party-wise on the browser.
  11. Showing upload E-Invoice pop-up in sales invoice in case the party not having GSTIN.
  12. Transaction not opened on double clicking in Dynamic Form.
  13. "Apply On All" default is selected in the Change Lot Discount option, and the next time it will consider report parameters.
  14. Changes are done in Reorder Report for "Box Size Per" and "Lot Per" calculations.
  15. Showing error in case change the desktop background.

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