Check Latest Retailgraph Version Update

Check Latest Retailgraph Version Update


RetailGraph Patch Update
(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)
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New Features:
01. Add new Date Formats for CSV import.
Note : Now date format which having some different values e.g. dot(.), Dash(-) are added for import csv files.

02. Add product failure message with the image in a transaction in case of AllScan working.
Note : Now a popup message will display for product not found or failure of scan with product image.

Issues Resolved:
1. Showing error in import CSV file in case of date format is "DD/M/YYYY".
2. Showing run time error on printing from browser in case of cache not cleared.
3. Showing error in case use the negative stock location and delete\draft the transaction of the lot which transferred earlier in the same location.
4. Sometimes transactions take time to edit and save in case of schedule is activated.
5. Data not proper update in Receivables/Payables when Adjust transactions having Post in A/c option 'No'.
6. Showing an error on the print transactions option on the browser of the sales invoice.
7. Always assign Head Office in the Location column of the Order Book either different users from different locations entered the product in the same.
8. Sales and Stock Statement not generated in case of huge data.
9. Sales And Stock statements were generated multiple times in case of run schedule.
10. Product discard from sales invoice in case the same product is scanned multiple times on different rows and the "Already Purchased" option is selected.
11. Getting hang issue in case open sale invoice from customer ledger and print the same.
12. Showing an error on the print transaction from the transaction browser.
13. Showing error when using the "Ctrl+F5" key in the edited transaction.

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