Checkout Latest Unisolve / Cross Software Patch Update

Checkout Latest Unisolve / Cross Software Patch Update


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Unisolve / Cross Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)

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New Features:


  1. Add an Option to include a walking patient in the patient query.
  2. Add the Option to print the doctor name in the checklist.
  3. Add Near-Expiry Goods Purchased and Dump items Report on desktop.

Unisolve Software:

  1. Add an Option to lock the shelf in the lock sales entry.
  2. Add Option to Consider Inv.No. Only in invoice summary report.
  3. Add Option Nil Rated Transaction for GSTR3B in system parameter->GT Tab.
  4. Add New Sheet ITC Availed in GSTR9
  5. Add an Option to select ship to when exporting an eway file.
  6. Add Option for Edit Supplier in Purchase When converting from challan in system parameter->standard tab.
  7. Add Option to print product code in purchase reports->Product bill wise.
  8. Add the Option to add convert the order to invoice on the desktop now.
  9. Add an Option to print invoice messages in the checklist.
  10. Add the Option to print the due amount in the checklist.
  11. Add an Option to print trade rate, tax type, and groupcode in the daily purchase report.

Issues Resolved:


  1. Insufficient qty Message does not show when using Ctrl+E and no stock control option.
  2. Negative Loose current qty also shows on the batch in the purchase invoice now.
  3. Product selection now works on Discount utility.

Unisolve Software:

  1. Provide Option Ctrl+G to show the collect godown exp.list in the purchase return.
  2. IGST0 Tax Type data now shows properly.
  3. Wifi printer-related issue is solved now.
  4. Now, Edit the party when modifying the PDC receipt entry.
  5. Station selection now shows in the collection register in the principle company also.
  6. Provide Variable mDblRate, chkdblmrp for double MRP in stock location.
  7. Order no. width has now increased.
  8. Eway bill HSN code shows properly when HSN-wise detail is true now.
  9. Send multiple customer sms now.
  10. Print the error bill in the checklist Default value is true now.
  11. Pending Order show when printed now.
  12. Amount will be shown on round-off in the Performa invoice now.
  13. Show Day name when entering a date in the cash book entry now.
  14. Show the same batch sequence when converting stock godown to other location.

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