RetailGraph Patch Update (Version - Check What's New?

RetailGraph Patch Update (Version - Check What's New?


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RetailGraph Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)


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New Features:

 1.  Added new UI for following masters and forms

 Start ->Help-> Feed Back Form
Start ->Hms-> Package Master
Start ->Hms-> Doctor Share Master
Start ->Hms-> Doctor Master
Start ->Hms-> Service Master


2. Added column CashDisc and CashDiscType on the Sales Invoice browser.

Note: Added new columns as above in Sales Invoice browser list view.



3. Add Paymentmode variable in WhatsApp message.

Note : Added new variable for display transaction payment mode in WhatsApp message.


4. Add the Manufacture field in the product report of Master Print Details.

Note : Added new column in Reports->Master Print Details when report basis on product. 


5. Add series filter on E-Invoice browser.

Note : Added new series filter for select particular series or multiple series for generate E-Invoice report.


Issues Resolved:

  1. Address not saved in customer master in case of 'Auto Add Customer' option is selected in Transaction Series.
  2. Barcode not updated as per previous SKU in lot if edit a purchase and change the batch.
  3. 'Allow Near Expired Product' option is not working when doing convert order to invoices.
  4. Address column showing blank in case of Walk-In Customer in Product-Wise Sales Report.
  5. E-Invoice not uploaded in case transaction has less billing head.
  6. Sales Qty is not showing in Unit2 when displaying the message in sales return.
  7. The Voucher Type button is not working on the ExportImport voucher option.
  8. GSTIN should not print in format file after discontinuing the same.
  9. Checked By not showing properly in sales invoice in case of clear multiple challans in the invoice.
  10. Dot Matrix print is not proper in some cases.
  11. MinMax stock message not showing when scanning barcode for product selection.
  12. Receipt Entry voucher not exported from ExportImport Voucher option.
  13. Payment Entry voucher not exported from ExportImport Voucher option.
  14. Outstanding type not saved on PharmaRack parameter window.
  15. EInvoice QR Code prints every time either EInvoice is generated or not.
  16. Showing branch-wise data in place of all location data in the day book.
  17. Showing error when saving area allocation master without datefrom and dateupto.
  18. Showing error on the customized report when entering the same date in datefrom and dateupto.

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