RetailGraph Patch Update (Version - Check Issues Fixed in this Update

RetailGraph Patch Update (Version - Check Issues Fixed in this Update


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RetailGraph Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)


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Get information about Issues fixed in the latest RetailGraph Patch update (Version .


Issues Resolved:

  1. Stock going disturbed in case of edit an Issue Location Transfer and change the location in Non-Salable. 
  2. The branch transfer order was not showing in the Sales/Purchase History. 
  3. Schedule report not showing data properly according to date range. 
  4. "Select all" is not working in the grid of dynamic form. 
  5. Showing error in Invoice Summary report in case of case lot having alphanumeric value. 
  6. Purchase Return not cleared while importing purchase debit note on the branch that was exported as a Sales Credit Note from the warehouse. 
  7. Showing message "Account not selected" in case of change entry date in Receipt. 
  8. Invoice Summary has a speed issue on large data. 
  9. Showing a "Duplicate Promotion" message when saving a promotion on the same product with a different promotion type. 
  10. Opening Balance not exported properly in Tally for P&L and Trading A/c. 
  11. Commission not calculating properly in Refer By Sales report. 
  12. TDS Report not showing total properly. 
  13. Solve speed issues on product selection in transactions and account selection in vouchers. 
  14. Vendor Balance getting disturbed when creating TDS Debit Note after receiving partial payment. 
  15. Tax Calculation Method not set according to system default when auto generates purchase return. 
  16. Showing error on AwacsDDP export due to location parameter not saved properly. 
  17. All data not exporting to excel from Master Browser list. 
  18. Deduction and Tax calculation Method handling is not done properly when generating purchase returns through "Collect Sales Return From Customer" option. 
  19. Details from the order book not cleared automatically when creating a purchase order through auto-generate option. 
  20. Current version of the client is not updated on CRM. 
  21. Double clicking not working properly in General Ledger Report. 
  22. Showing error "Convert Date to DateTime" in GST Summary on a particular case. 
  23. Showing opening balance of the account even same is not exist under balance sheet group in General Ledger Report. 
  24. QtyUnit and FreeQtyUnit were not handled properly when use "Get Purchase List" option in sales invoice and challan. 
  25. EInvoice QRCode did not printing when printing multiple transactions from print transactions. 
  26. Purchase Debit note didn't edit even "Allow Edit Invoice After Payment" option is true in System Default. 
  27. Customer list not showing as per Refer By filter in Receipt Entry. 
  28. Showing run time error on the transaction in case the user-defined column is locked and the same is visible in Grid Layout. 
  29.  Discontinue customer not showing in Sales invoice and Challan 
  30. Removed Location filter from Reports -> Consolidation Data. 
  31. Data does not show accordingly date range in Create TDS Debit Note option. 
  32. Purchase Rate and Cost Rate not showing in Customer Query -> Product Detail in case of a user having rights of Inventory Manager. 
  33. "Purchase Rate Different From Previous Rate" message does not add in a remark while importing the purchase invoice. 
  34. Adjust in Invoice message in Sales Challan not showing properly. 
  35. Cost Rate change in edit mode when "Free Product" option is selected in the Cost Rate calculation option. 
  36. Product Not Shown in Sales Discount Master when Scan barcode on product field. 
  37. Purchase challan cleared when import Branch Transfer in (Challan)Purchase Challan. 
  38. Report generation taking more time. 
  39. Return Type import wrongly in case import excel file in sales return.InvPoint variable not printing in Sales Invoice format.

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