Unisolve / Cross Software Patch Update: Added New Features for Unisolve and Cross Software

Unisolve / Cross Software Patch Update: Added New Features for Unisolve and Cross Software


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Unisolve / Cross Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)

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New Features:

Cross Software:

  1. Add option to print discount in reports->Sales analysis->doctor product-wise sales. 
  2. Add Option Variation Rate in reports->Sales analysis->doctor product-wise sales. 
  3. Add option to print patient name when print detail in reports->Sales analysis->doctor product wise sales. 
  4. Add option to less return in reports->Sales Analysis->Refer by sales. 
  5. Add an Option to define the default patient account in the system parameter posting(retail) tab.
  6. Add the Option to Print the Doctor's Name in Schedule wise sales detail report. 
  7. Add an Option to print the doctor name in Check List. 
  8. Add an Option to Print Lines Between each Party When Print Order Book.

Unisolve Software:

  1. Add option to convert packing slip by Purchase->Create Sales invoice(Auto). 
  2. Add the option for a rate hike(Ctrl+F7) in the Packing slip invoice. 
  3. Add an Option to print Mrp and an option to change the valuation rate in the group customer bill-wise report. 
  4. Add the Option to Sale Narcotics Products to Only GSTN Parties in System Parameter->standard tab. 
  5. Add an Option to print separate box and loose qty in the invoice summary.
  6. Add option to select Blank sales person in analysis->Profit Analysis->bill wise.

Issues Resolved:

Cross Software:

  1. The width of the Doctor's name for the walking patient is now properly in the sales invoice. 
  2. Series selection now works properly in Patient Bill Product wise sales. 
  3. Show only Regno patient detail when select Regno in the patient query. 
  4. Heading shows properly when print sales and stock statements. 
  5. Use Option print on a grid to repeat bill no. when print checklist(bill/product). 
  6. Mrp Get Proper when add batch at the time of sales invoice. 
  7. Footer Discount now consider in Analysis->Profit Analysis->Doctor Wise. 
  8. Min. days now save when create an auto purchase order. 
  9. Packing shows when product selection is now in the sales invoice.

Unisolve Software:

  1. The search option works properly when adjust the return in sales cr. Note. 
  2. State shows properly when generate an e-way bill of an unregistered client. 
  3. Total shows properly when partial cash is in customer query. 
  4. Account statement show in proper sequence now. 
  5. The schedule name now shows in the heading. 
  6. Provide variable mSpCode,mSpName for Floor wise packing slip print. 
  7. Provide Series Selection in Purchase Return Register. 
  8. String shows repl-issued when issue replacement in Cr.Dr.Note Report. 
  9. Tax Type comes proper when interstate customers select in purchase challan now. 
  10. The E-Invoice Related issue is solved now. 
  11. Print narration now work properly when print cash and bank book. 
  12. Show Sales value properly in analysis->Profit analysis->Customer wise. 
  13. Print Tax Amount Col when printing Tax Wise Summary in stock valuation. 
  14. Error solved when taking backup two times now. 
  15. Print Customer name wise Msr wise outstanding now. 
  16. Sales Cr.Note Cancel Option is Now working properly. 
  17. Show sales person code also in sales person-wise outstanding list. 
  18. Purchase return now shows properly when generating an eway bill.

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