Unisolve / Cross Software Patch Update: Added New Features & Issues resolved in latest Unisolve / Cross Patch update.

Unisolve / Cross Software Patch Update: Added New Features & Issues resolved in latest Unisolve / Cross Patch update.




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Unisolve / Cross Patch Update

(New Features Addition & Issues Resolved)


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Version Uploaded on ftp://ftp.bhiwal.com/_GST_UNISOLVE_CROSS/Patch/Last_Patch_Extra.zip



New Features:


Unisolve Software:

  1. Add option to select Group in reports->Exp./Brek->Credit/Debit Note.
  2. Add the option to export PharmaRack order via Registration.
  3. Add Scheme Discount col. in Customer and Supplier query.
  4. Add option to import Group and Products when importing Product Op. Balance.
  5. Add an option to set the different frequencies to sales when exporting AWACS Data.
  6. Add option Add Discount % on the Batch table in System Parameter->Standard Tab.

Issues Resolved:



  1. Issue solved related to Previous year's pending bills now.
  2. Sales Invoice issue solved when the patient is having only a Credit option.
  3. Now, E-Invoice export properly.
  4. Now provide variable Mptage and mptsex when printing sales invoices.
  5. Issue solved related to Speed in Posting.

Unisolve Software:

  1. Now Cursor moves properly after the message in the Wholesale invoice.
  2. E-Invoice generated Credit Note modify using the F2 key in Customer Query like sales invoice.
  3. Issue solved in Customer wise sales report when the select schedule for customers.
  4. Error issue solved when exporting E-Invoice on Grid.
  5. AWACS-related issue solved now.
  6. Provide variables _CUSTATION,_STATE,_CUPINCODE to print in the mail schedule.
  7. Now Tax and Discount width proper in Report->Books/Register Detail->Sales Register.
  8. Now, a Normal user can modify customer detail while creating invoices.
  9. Packing slip converts properly when using parameter Ask convert packing slip to invoice.
  10. Add expiry date when using Alt+F5 key (Product Generic wise).
  11. Can not modify bill through Query when allow to modify invoice is false in User.
  12. Issue solved of Report->Analysis->Sales person wise sales when printing on Grid.
  13. Parameters are saved for Report->Sales Report-> Product Customer wise sales.
  14. Issue solved when converting packing slip into sale in case of Exempted.
  15. Grand Total shows properly in Sales Report-> Product Customer wise.
  16. QRCode is printing properly in Sales Invoice printing.
  17. Now Customer GSTN valid date now works properly.
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