How to Do Retailio Integratino with RetailGraph ERP in Simple Stepx

Allow Retailio Integration Process in SwilERP (RetailGraph)

Retailio and SwilERP (RetailGraph) Integration in Simple Step

Retailio Integration with RetailGraph Software

What is Retailio?

Retailio is India's fastest growing B2B ordering platform, seamlessly connecting pharma retailers with their distributors. Retailers use retailio to order products from distributors and make payments to them. The Retailio app brings you a better, faster, and smoother ordering experience connecting Pharma retailers, distributors, and manufacturers seamlessly.

Retailio Integration with RetailGraph  

Now, with RetailGraph users can easily integrate retailio B2B pharma application. For this, ensure users run the latest version of RetailGraph software. Users need to follow the below-given process for the same. 

Open RetailGraph dashboard window  
  1. Go to the Starts> Options> System default.
  2. Then, enter the system default password. To know the password, users can contact their local service provider. 

System Default Tab
In the system default window
After inserting the password, a new window of system default will appear. Go to the "Others" tab and tick mark on the "Allow Retailio Integration"  option. Lastly, Save the window with the given option. 
After saving this window, please log out the software and login again.

The below-given image for your reference: 
Allow Retailio Option Tab

Step 1: First Do  Retailio Registration  

  1. Go to the Options > Retailio> Registration.
Registration Tab
  1. A new window of registration will appear in the next slide. Users need to update the information asked in this form.
  2. In Stockist code- This is automatically filed by system default.
  3. Token-  Please insert the token given from  Retailio.
  4. Retailio Password- It will be provided to you from SWIL (RetailGraph).
  5. In export/ Import path-  You can select the path for the file to import and export .
  6. In the sales order series- You need to select series name (i.e RT).
  7. By clicking the product button, you get fillers to select your data.
  8. Press OK , after update the details. 
Below-given image for your reference:
Update Registration Window
  1. After clicking the product button, you've to filter your product's data
  2. Filter the products and click on the refresh list option. 

  3. Select the locations.

  4. After submitting all the information, select the OK button.
Product Filter Window

Step 2: Export Data from RetailGraph to Retailio

  1. Go back to the Options window.
  2. Then, click on the Retailio> Export Data.  
  3. Here you can select the Date range of data to export.
  4. Select the options from drop-down list for upload the data. 
  5. Now, there is an options to select Sale Rate as MRP, Sale Rate, Purchase Rate, Cost Rate. 
  6. Users can also Tik and Untick the option you want to export in Retailio. 
  7. Lastly, Press OK. 
The below-given image for your reference: 
Export Data Window

Step 3: Create Schedule to Import data from Retailio to RetailGraph 

If users want to create a schedule to import their data, they can make it from the  Tools  section. Do follow the below-given process to create the schedule.  
  1. Go to the Start> Tools> Schedule SMS/ Email.
  2. Now, select schedule for as Integration. 
  3. Select schedule as export/ import .
  4. Then, select transaction/reports as Retailio (Download Sales Order or other details that you want to import). 
  5. Set the schedule timing as per your convenience: 
    For example, you'll choose schedule option "Daily"   and " Recur every 2 mins" 
  6. Save the page.
Create Schedule Window                   
  1. After creating schedule, you've to give the rights to the users.
  2. Go to the Masters> Resources> User.
  3. Select the user to whom you want to give rights.
  4. Go to the Additional Details tab.
  5. Tick mark on the Integration option, and Save the page.
Below-mentioned image is for your reference:
User Rights

Step 4: Import Sales Order and Update Order Status‚Äč

  1. If the user wants to  import sales order manually , they can import from this option with one click.
  2. Users can update the order status in Retailio from the update order status option.
Note Users can import and update the status by clicking these options once. 
Import and Update Order Status

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