How to View and Analysis of Accounts Monthly Due Balances in SwilERP

Analysis of Accounts Monthly Due Balances

How to view Monthly Due Balances in SwilERP Software

What is Monthly Due Balance?

A monthly due balance is a report that provides you with the data of due balances and their monthly amount. This report displays the account-wise details of all the bills during a specified periodWith this, users can view account group, account name, amount and amount type.

In the same report, users can compare three months' amount with the current amount. With the help of this report, users can easily maintain their accounts and find the due payment details in one report.

Follow the below-given process to view monthly due balance report:

Start with login in SwilERP Dashboard to Initiate the process

  1. Go to the Accounts>Reports> Ageing Analysis> Monthly Due Balances.
Reference image:
Monthly Due BalancesSwilERP Dashboard Window
Here is the process to view the details:
  1. Select the Report Date on which you want to view the report.

  2. Select and Filter the accounts, if want to view particular account details.
  3. Tab on the View option.
Report DateMonthly due balance window

View Account Details

There you can view the following details:
  1. Account Group- You'll view the group names of transactions made in the schedule.
  2. Account Name- With this, users can view account name of every transaction.
  3. Amount and Type- In this column, users can view total amount and amount type.
  4. Also, users can view the previous three months' amount to compare it with the current amount.
Reference image:
View Account DetailsMonthly Due Details Window
In SwilERP, there is an option in the display section to print and export your reports in different formats. Users can easily print reports and Export them in Excel, Text, XML, PDF, or HTML formats.
  1. Go to the Display Section.
  2. Click on the print and preview option to print your reports.
  3. Click on the ''T'' option and choose a format in which you want to export your report.
Reference image:
Print and ExportPrint and Export Window

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