How to View Balance Sheet Report in SwilERP Software

Balance Sheet

How to View Balance Sheet in SwilERP (RetailGraph) Software

What is Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet is a pivotal financial statement delineating a company's assets and liabilities at a specific juncture. It underpins investor returns computation and capital evaluation. A cornerstone of financial comprehension, the balance sheet encapsulates a company's fiscal structure, encompassing ownership, obligations, and shareholder investments. SwilERP users effortlessly access this financial overview via the accounts reports section. This report illuminates fund sources, asset-liability insights, and year-to-year comparisons.

Start with login in SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to the Starts> Reports> Accounts Reports> Balance Sheet.
The below-given image for your reference:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

How to View Balance Sheet

A new window of balance sheet will appear in the next slide. Follow the below-given process:
  1. Select the As on date  to view the balance sheet at the specific time.
  2. Tick-Mark on the Last year comparison to compare the data.
  3. You can also view the Closing Stock report with the given option.
  4. Click on the View option.
Reference image:

Users can view following details in the balance sheet:
  1. Source of Funds:
    1. Current Liabilities-  The amount of current liabilities shows in this column.
    2. Closing Stock Value-  The value of a closing stock is visible here.
    3. Stock A/c-  Users can see stock a/c here.
  1. Application of Funds:
    1. Current Assets- You'll see current assets amounts in this column.
    2. P&L Profit- If you have profit in your business, then that is shown in this column.

Note:   The data in the balance sheet shows according to your transaction in SwilERP software.

How to Select File Format

Users can select file format to Print and Preview the balance sheet. 

  1. Go to the  Format File  tab. 
  2. Select the format as:  Balance Sheet/ Last year's Balance Sheet.
  3. Click on the Print or Preview option to print the balance sheet. 
Reference image: 

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