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Calculate Stock/Inventory Value

How to Calculate Stock Value in SwilERP (RetailGraph) Software

What do you mean by Stock/Inventory valuation?

The process of calculating the value of goods or materials owned by a company or available for sale in a store at a particular time or the value calculated: The dispute was over the value of current assets, including actual stock valuation. 

Stock Valuation is a Part of Managing Inventories; users can easily do inventory valuation in RetailGraph. Stock valuation is essential because it can identify whether a stock is overvalued, undervalued, or at market price. It can be used to analyze your business, run it, and, most importantly, manage your inventory.

Stock valuation is essential for a business because it can identify whether a stock is valued by Cost Rate, MRP, Billing Rate, Trade Rate, Purchase Rate, and Sale Rate. You can select any option for the valuation of stock; after the Valuation of Stock, users can also view Reports of different types.
This article will explain how stock valuation is done through the Retailgraph software. Kindly follow the below-given steps to learn the Stock Valuation process.

Start with Login in the RetailGraph dashboard to initiate the process:

  1. Go to the Inventory > Calculate Stock Value.

Reference Window:
RetailGraph Dashboard Window

How to Calculate Stock Value in next appearing window:

  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. Select the Date till which you want to evaluate Stock.
  3. Select the Basis of Generation as in Actual/ Weighted Average/ FIFO/ LIFO. 
  4. Now, Select the most essential option Stock Value By -
    1. Cost Rate.
    2. MRP.
    3. Billing Rate.
    4. Trade Rate.
    5. Purchase Rate.
    6. And Sale Rate. 
  5. Click on the Given Option of Create Data.
  6. There you'll see the details of  Name, Unit, Qty, and Valuation Value of the total quantity of a particular Product. 
  7. Save the page with the above-given option. 
Note:  If you select a date of 15th May 2022 and value by Cost Rate, your Stock will be evaluated by only 15th May as per their Cost Rate. 

Reference Window:

Calculate Stock Value Window

To view Location wise details:

         While doing a valuation of inventory, users can view Location wise details:

    1. In the same window, click on the name of the Product.
    2. And you'll view the detail from the below-given list Location wise. 

Reference Window:

How to Change Parameters option:

  1.  Users can also change the value of stock in the same window:
  1. Go to the Change Parameters Tab.
  2. Then, you'll see below given additional options on the screen -
    1. Valuation Qty.
    2. Valuation Rate.
  1. Edit the details in Valuation Qty and Rate which you want to update in Stock. 
  2. Click on the Update Tab.

Reference Window:

How to Apply Filter in Products:

  1. Users can also apply  Filter their products with the above-given option. 
  2. And, select the Details which they want to view. 

Reference Window:

Note: Don't forget to save this page to view the Valuation Report.  

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