Convert Challan to Invoice

Convert Challan to Invoice

 Convert Challan to Invoice 

This option is very useful and time-saving once you want this process to get executed in your store. 

This option is used to clear your challan directly from one process. 

To execute this process you need to go to the START button- Sales - Convert challan to invoice. 

As you can see in the image above you can select the date range of the challan you want to clear. If you wish to clear your credit note also along with the challans you can also do buy just by selecting the date range as shown. 

Now you can select the series from which you want to run the following process. Also if you want to convert the current date invoice, you can select the date of invoice option. 

There is one more parameter of Net Amt- Here you can insert greater than equals to amount, So till that and less than that specified amount challans will get clear followed by the image.

Now once you click on the customer button you can filter the customer list and customize your challan selection.

You can also click on-the challan list button to select specified challan selection with multiple selection or single followed by the image. 

There is one more button to adjust your Credit notes. Once you click on it a list will open you can select single and multiple CR notes and customize as per your requirement. 


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