Convert Order to Invoice

Convert Order to Invoice

Convert Order To Invoice

In the RetailGraph, we can convert Sales Orders into Sales Invoices by using Convert Order to Invoice option. It can be found in Start> Sales> Convert Order To Invoice. Through this option, we can convert multiple orders of a customer or different customers at one go. By following ways, we can use this utility.

As we have mentioned above, we can have this option by going Start> Sales> Convert Order To Invoice as shown in the below Image:

After clicking on the above option, we get the following screen:

Over here, we have to click on the Order Detail tab as shown in the above mentioned image to get the Sales Orders that need to be converted.

We get the following screen after clicking on the Order Details tab. We have to select the required Sales Orders to convert them into the Sales invoice.

We can convert a customer’s or a Refer by’s all Sales orders by selecting the same in its respective field.

Over here, we can select, deselect or Invert all the Sales Orders by using the respective tabs as shown in the below image:

In the option, we can see all the products of a Sales order and select the required products of that Sales Order by clicking on the Product Detail tab after selecting the Sales Order.

In the Convert Order To Invoice screen , there is a tab called ‘Parameters’. In this tab, many parameters are given. The selected parameters affect the Sales Orders while converting into the Sales Invoice. One can select the parameters as per their requirements as per the following screen.

The convert To Order option saves a lot of time while converting Sales Orders into the Sales invoice.


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