Learn how to Create Cheques Deposit Entry in SwilERP Software

Create Cheques Deposit entry

How to Create Cheques Deposit Entry in SwilERP (RetailGraph) Software

In SwilERP, depositing a cheque in the bank requires a journal entry that debits the bank account and credits the giver. After creating a PDC receipt entry, recipients can conveniently deposit the cheque using PDC deposit entries in the PDC transactions section. This process ensures accurate bank transaction management, allowing users to select the desired bank and view cheque details by selecting the relevant date range.

Start with Login in the SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to the Receipts tab.
  2. Select the Deposit Cheques option.
Reference Window:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

How to create a cheque deposit entry

  1. Select the Bank Account in which you want to deposit the Cheques.
  2. Edit the Date in the Cheque Date Up To column, and the cheque details will show according to the selected Date.
  3. Click on the Cheques List tab to view the list of Cheques.
  4. Tick-mark on the Cheque number that you want to clear and press OK.

Reference Window:

  1. After selecting the cheque details, the below-given cheque details will automatically be filled.
  2. Here you can view the cheque details such as cheque number, date, account name, drawing bank name, and the cheque amount.
  3. Save the window with the given option.

Reference Window:
Cheques Deposit Window

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