Create a generic name in SwilERP by following these steps

Generic Name of Drugs in SwilERP

Process to Create Generic Name of Medicines/Drugs

A Generic Name is the chemical name of a drug, which is an alternative to the Brand name. In SwilERP, you have the flexibility to define and manage products by their generic names. You can easily edit, view, and search products using their generic or salt names. This feature, also known as salt management, allows you to efficiently handle your products' salt details.


Login SwilERP dashboard in the system section

  1. Go to the Master data> Product information> Generic.
Reference image:
GenericSwilERP Dashboard Window

View the list of Generic Name

  1. In the next slide, you'll view the list of Generic Name
    1. There is an option to create a new Generic Name.
    2. You can also Edit and View the name.
    3. Print, Delete and Refresh options are also available.
Reference image:
Generic Name List

Create New Generic Name Master

  1. If a user want to add generic name in products, then they can add from here.
    1. Click on the New option from the generic list.
    2. Enter the Generic/Salt Name in a dialog box.
    3. To add a shortcut or sub-name enter the name in Alias column.
    4. Enter the name in Schedule dialog box.
    5. Now, Save the page.
Reference image:
Generic Name Window

Reference Article: Create Schedule

  1. To Print your Generic name list, click on the given option of print.
  2. You can also Edit already created generic name with the given option.
Reference image:
Edit & Print Window

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