DataBase Health

DataBase Health

DataBase Health

This option is now available in the latest version of RetailGraph. To upgrade the software please make ticket on or contact your local service provider. 

DataBase Health option is generally used in those cases where user face speed issue in the software. So with the help of this option we can reset the basic software configuration for smooth run. 

To execute this option you need to login software. 

Go to START button- Tools- Database health.

This will ask you for a password to proceed further, For password you can make ticket or contact your local service provider. 

Once you insert the password, the following window will open as shown in the image given below. 

Now you can set the parameters in this window. You will see 3 options here. 

1) Check and process- In this option you can check some main key points like. Database integration/ Recompile stored procedure/ Update indexing statistics/ shrink database. 

2)Change Settings- In this option you can check and reset database auto growth size/ Database Auto close/ Memory configuration/ Path for temp database.

3)Logs- In this option you can clear your logs history. 

The option you want to run or execute you need to tic mark that particular option and click on the process and Recheck button. It will start the you will get a success message as shown in the image.