Learn How to Change Log and Image Database Setting in SwilERP Software

Database Settings In SwilERP

How to Change or Separate Log and Image Database in SwilERP 

 A user wants to achieve space-free and error-free software for their Pharma company. For that in SwilERP software has given the options to separate its Log and Image database. This feature enables you to free up space so that the software runs smoothly.

Start with Login in the SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process:

  1. Go to the System > System Maintenance.
  2. Now select  Reposting > Repost Receipt Entry.

Reference Window:
Repost Receipt EntrySwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. How to Change or Separate Log Database:

  1. System Maintenance window will appearing in the next slide.
  2. Go to the 'Database Settings' tab. 
  3. Firstly, select Change Log Database option.
Note:  As soon as you click on the Change Log Database option, a pop-up window will open, and you will enter the password in it. Contact your local service provider to know this password, or make a ticket on Support.swildesk.com.
  1. Enter the password and click on 'Submit' button.
Reference Window:
Change or Separate Log DatabasePassword Verification Window
  1. Now, you can enter or select the New Log.
  2. To update a new value, click on the Change option.
  3. After that, a new pop-up window will open; in it click on Yes.

Reference Window:
Change or Separate Log DatabaseChange Log Database Window
  1. How to Change or Separate Image Database:

  1. Select the Database Settings tab.
  2. Select the Change Image Database option.
  3. After that, a pop-up will open. To enter the password in it, contact your local service provider to know this password or make a ticket on:  Support.swildesk.com.
  4. Select or enter the 'New Value' as per your convenience.
  5. Click on the Change tab. 
  6. Then a new pop-up window will open; click "Yes."
Reference Window:
Separate Image DatabaseChange Image Database
      So in this way you can separate your Logs and Images database, to make your software space free.


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