Dynamic IP Setting In SwilERP

Dynamic IP Setting In SwilERP

How to Configuring Dynamic IP Settings in SwilERP Software


Run SwilERP cloud, Apps, and SwilERP Desktop anywhere if you don't have a static IP.


DDNS is crucial for maintaining a seamless connection to SwilERP, ensuring that your domain name is always associated with the correct IP address. Setting up dynamic IP settings for SwilERP Desktop involves a few steps, including obtaining your local IP address, identifying your dynamic ID, configuring port forwarding, adjusting SQL network settings, and using the dynamic IP setting menu. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Requirements :

  1. Know the Local IP Address
  2. Know the Dynamic ID
  3. Know Port Forwarding
  4. Know SQL Network Setting
  5. Know Dynamic IP Setting Menu

Step 1Know the Local IP Address

  • Open the Start Menu on your computer.
  • In the search box, type "cmd" and press Enter.
  • A black and white Command Prompt window will appear.

  • Type "ipconfig /all" (note the space between "ipconfig" and "/all") and press Enter.

  • Look for the IPv4 address in the information displayed.

Note: Your local IP address will be listed as the IPv4 address.

Reference Image:

Step 2Know the Dynamic ID

  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Google search.
  • In the search bar, type "MY IP" and press Enter.
  • Alternatively, you can directly visit the website https://whatismyipaddress.com/.
  • On the website, locate and check the displayed IPv4 address.
  • This address is your public IPv4 address, providing information about your network on the internet.

Reference Image:

Step 3Know Port Forwarding

Port forwarding, also known as port mapping, enables communication between devices or services in private networks and external computers or services over the Internet. The process may vary depending on your router, so consult Google for router-specific instructions.

To set up port forwarding, use your local IP obtained from the "IPCONFIG" command. Assign SQL ports like 54321, 54322, 54323, etc.

For detailed instructions, refer to How to Port Forward.

Step 4Know SQL Network Setting

Utilize SQL Server Configuration Manager to manage SQL Server protocols, enabling or disabling them as needed. Customize protocol options, including configuring the TCP/IP protocol to listen on a specified port. By default, the Database Engine's default instance uses TCP port 1433. Modify this to 54321, 54322, 54323, etc., for SQL Port.

Note: Following these adjustments, verify the connection using the networking login credentials on your local system.

Step 5Know Dynamic IP Setting Menu

Login SwilERP Dashboard to initiate the process:

  1. Go to Menu > Tools > DynamicIP Setting.


Reference Image:

Update Dynamic IP Address:

  1. Next Dynamic IP Setting window will appear.
  2. Enter the forwarded port in the Port field.
  3. Input your Dynamic IP (MY IP) in the IP Address field (e.g.,
  4. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Reference Image:

Confirming Dynamic IP Details in Swil Admin Portal:

  1. Log in to the Admin portal.
  2. Access Swil Admin with your credentials.
  3. Click on Settings > Database Settings.

Reference Image:

  1. After that Database Configuration window will appear.
  2. Dynamic IP details are automatically uploaded to the admin portal.

Reference Image:

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