Edit Payment Mode in Sales and Purchase

Edit Payment Mode in Sales and Purchase

Edit Payment Mode in Sales / Purchase

Lot of customers demand this option very frequently. A lot of time we need to reedit the saved bills payment modes. 

[Remember- This option is only accessible when you have the right in the software to perform it. ]

To execute this option you need to save a bill in sales or in purchase invoice.

Now to open the old bills go to the VIEW tab and through Month wise/ Date wise /Current year/ Entry Wise/ party wise/ last 7 days as shown in the image below. 

Now select the tab for old bill i.e Current year I have selected here as sown in the image. Now double click the bill you want to edit payment method of the bill will open than.

Now when the bill opens go to Home Tab and click on payment Details.

A short window will open with different- different payments types, You can now change the payment type by tic and untic and click on the OK button.

Now after the changes made click on the SAVE button. The entry will be updated then.


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