Facility to Recall Customer Wise Last Rate in Sales Transaction

Facility to Recall Customer Wise Last Rate in Sales Transaction

A software solution is called an efficient business solution when everything in it is easy and flexible for you. When you’re running your retail shop, then what is essential for you is the happiness of your end-user. The more you automate your services, the more positive support you give to your customers. With RetailGraph, our development team takes care of your every problem and comes up with new solutions. These solutions eliminate the burden of your day-to-day store management. 

In addition to its robust feature, the developers of RetailGraph have offered a feature in the software that retains customer product-wise last sale price in the next billing of the same customer for the same product. It establishes a more prominent relationship with your customer. 

To get this feature in your RetailGraph software, you have to call a feature while deciding a product category in your inventory. You have to enable the "Recall Sale Rate" feature in the "Product Category" page. This feature will give you convenience while billing the products having category, which you enable for "Recall Sale Rate". It shows on which price you sold your product in the last transaction with the same customer. Also, you will have the freedom to sell the product at the same rate or not. 

To use this functionality, you can easily navigate to the option by using the following steps:

1. Click on the Start button.

2.Select Masters-> Inventory-> Product Category.

3. Click New on the Product Category page.

4. The Product Category window opens for a new product category.

5. Enter the required details and tick mark the Recall Sale Rate property at the bottom of the window.

6. Click on the Save button.