Facility to Set Import Parameter in Sales/Purchase Transaction | RetailGraph Software

Facility to Set Import Parameter in Sales/Purchase Transaction

Generally, a parameter is considered as an attribute that can help define or classify a particular system. It is useful when identifying a system or evaluating its performance, status, condition, etc. It has a large place in software functioning. It helps in any type of transaction and troubleshoots performance issues in the system.

Retailgraph offers many unique services to its users, which helps them when using software for their business. One of these convenient features is the Set Import Parameters. To get this parameter, you have to go to the Options section of the RetailGraph. On the Set Import Parameters page, you will need to set parameters for files according to your transaction type. In this, you will be able to set File Format, Import options for Sales Rate, Trade Rate, etc., Import Sales Rate From option, and other options related to your business transaction needs. All you need is to pre-set these parameters for your convenience and performance enhancement.

To use this functionality, you can easily navigate to the option by using the following steps:

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Select Options-> Set Import Parameters.

3. The Set Import Parameters window opens. Select the appropriate transaction type as per your need. 

5. Set Import parameters (as per your transaction need).
6. Click on the OK button.

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