Feature Update: How to Add SMS\Email schedule For Deposit Cheque

Feature Update: How to Add SMS\Email schedule For Deposit Cheque

Today, customer engagement is critical to expanding your business and is one way to grow your business faster. You can involve customers in many ways, but it is necessary to choose the right way according to the need. It will not only engage the user with your services but will also generate more sales.

For companies around the world, email and SMS are the go-to communication channels that alert customers about their delivery services on time. It is vastly used for notifications, promotions, password resets, or policy updates. It is also of great use in alerting to pending or successful transactions. It verifies your payments and sends you real-time updates.

When it comes to RetailGraph software solution, the software provides an Email/SMS facility for seamless customer communication experience. The software introduces an Email/SMS schedule feature on its Tools section for updating the customers about their deposit cheque. As a RetailGraph user, you will get this feature on the Schedule SMS/Email section of Tools property. Here you can schedule SMS or Email for transaction done by the customer through cheque. When the customer's check is deposited in the bank, the feature automatically sends an email / SMS to the customer. With this, the customer gets instant information about their payment status.

You can easily navigate to the option by using the following steps:
1. Click on the Start button
2. Select Tools and choose Schedule SMS/Email.

3. The Schedule SMS/Email page opens. 
4. On the Home tab, select Transaction from the Schedule For drop-down list.

5. Then, select Email or SMS from the Schedule drop-down list.

6. Again, select the Deposit Cheque feature from the drop-down list.

7. Click on the Save button.

Note: To add this feature to Master, you have to go through the above steps. Initially, the feature is not activated.