Generate Daybook Report in RetailGraph

Generate Daybook Report in RetailGraph

Generate Daybook Report in RetailGraph

From this option you can easily see your accounts reports in the software. 

You can extract your sales register and purchase register through this option. 

First we will see Cash Book Details, How canyou can generate in the software. 

For this go to Start button- Masters Accounts - Daybook. 

Now click on the New button to create a new daybook account.

Now once you click on the New button a window will open as shown in the image below. 

Now you have to select CashBook name in the Day book name column.

And then select Type- Day book type, and select CASH IN HAND in account as shown in the image and save it from the top button.

Now you have to select the Date Range for the Report. Select DayBook and report type, After selecting all options Click on the VIEW button. 

Your cash in hand as per your transactions will generate. 

Now we will see how to make day books in the RetailGraph software from Masters. 

Go to START button - Masters - Accounts- DayBooks

A window will open now click on the New Button to make sales / Purchase register. 

A window will open once you click on New button as shown in the image given below. Make sure you need to follow same process in both sale and purchase mode. 

Select the day book name of the register. i.e Sales register. 

Now in Type select Register type as shown in the image above. 

Now in accounts option you need to select all the accounts where your posting is going and the posting accounts you want to see the report of as shown in the image above. Once you select all the accounts click on the SAVE button at the top. 

Now to see the report of Sales register and purchase register go to START button- Reports - Account reports- Daybook. 

Now here you need to select Date Range of your report.

In daybook select sales / purchase register depending your requirement. 

In report type you can select multiple options to view your report. (i.e- Month wise/Voucher Details/ Day Wise/ Account/Voucher wise)

Now you can also check mark Day wise and month wise total in your report. If you don’t want to include please untic it. 

If you click on the Account button you will have filter to apply for your report. You can filter as per (Area/ Region/Station/Locality/Locality group)now click on the VIEW button, your report will auto generate as shown in the above report. 


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