SwilERP Sales and Inventory Management Process Overview

Sales Management Overview


The multiple flow charts provided offer a comprehensive overview of various processes of sales within SwilERP. These flowcharts help users understand the step-by-step procedures involved in each process, such as online and offline sales order fulfillment, inventory management, delivery management and returns. Additionally, the overview highlights the importance of essential configurations, integrations, and user roles in ensuring smooth sales order processing and effective system operation.

Sales Order Flow 1.1 - Online , Telecaller, WhatsApp Orders, Salesman

The sales order (order fulfillment) process is essential for businesses because it directly impacts customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall success. When businesses use online b2b ordering app, sales counter, tele calling, e-commerce app and sales person together, they can make their order process better, which helps to grow your business. Read More

  1. Stock out: A situation in which an item is out of stock.

Sales Order Flow 1.2 - Assign Lot in Block Inventory

The flow begins by generating a challan to block the inventory in the software, followed by initiating the picking process.

Sales Order Flow 1.3- Offline, Customer at Store

For in-store customers, fulfilling their sales orders is straightforward: pick the items they ordered, pack them securely, create their bill, and collect payment at checkout.

Sales Order Flow 1.4 - For Fast Moving Counter

For fast moving counter, your sales order fulfillment process prioritizes convenience. Billing and payment are handled upfront, followed by picking and packing. Customers then simply collect their order, completing the transaction.

Sales Return Flow 2.1- Reverse Delivery/ Order Return

Customers initiate returns, triggering a process that involves creating a sales return order, quality checks, issuing credit notes (if applicable), and managing inventory transfers to appropriate locations.

Sales Return Flow 2.2- Cancelled Delivery

When a customer cancels a delivery, the order is marked as "Cancelled Entry" in the system. The product is then returned to the store, where it undergoes a quality check. If the product is still saleable, it is put away in the appropriate location.

Salesman Payment Collection 3

The image of payment collection process, with three main steps or statuses: "To Be Collected," "Collected," and "Received by Accountant. The flowchart visually represents the steps involved in the payment collection workflow, providing a clear overview of the process.


User Roles

Smooth sales order processing requires essential configurations to be in place first in SwilERP. This includes creating master data, defining system access controls and setting up promotions, discounts and scheduling.

  1. Product Master
  2. Customer Master
  3. Employee User Master
  4. Transaction Series
  5. Location Master
  6. System Defaults
  7. Sales Promotions/ Discount
  8. Schedules

  1. Payment Gateway

Users can access menu options based on their assigned permissions. To grant a user access to a specific menu, assign them the appropriate permission. Let's take a look at the different user roles and their permissions.

  1. Admin
  2. Inventory Manager/ Warehouse Manager
  3. Sales Manager
  4. Picker
  5. Packer
  6. Inbound Manager
  7. Delivery Team
  8. Salesman

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