Learn how to do AIOCD AWACS Integration in RetailGraph Software

How To Allow AIOCD AWACS Integration Process In RetailGraph

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How To Allow AIOCD AWACS Integration Process In RetailGraph 

To execute the following process please follow the steps mention.

 The first step is to log in the software, Make sure you are running the latest version of RetailGraph.

 Now after logging in click the START button- OPTIONS- System Default.

Here you need to insert the system Default password, to know the password you can contact your local service provider or generate a ticket on www.swildesk.com. 

 After inserting the password system default window will open. You need to go to the “OTHERS tab” at the top tik mark the Allow AWACS” option as shown in the image.   

Enable AWACS Integration.

After this process please log out the software and login again.

 Step 1) Now Click START button- OPTIONS- AWACS DDP- Registration

Retailgraph software menu.

A Window will open as shown in the image and we need to insert the details as per the details asked.

Stockist code and Stockist Password will be given to you by AICOD AWACS which you need to insert here. AICOD AWACS password will be provided by us. You can also set the path to export the data. You also have an option to filter your data. By clicking on the PRODUCT button you apply a filter to your data, You need to select the path also for data Export by clicking the button below Product button as shown in the image. After this process CLICK OK.

Retailgraph software stock registration.

Retailgraph software stock registration window.

After this process go to START Button-Options-AWACS DDP- EXPORT DATA

Retailgraph software stock export window.

This window will open after this process. You have the option to export your Sales and stock data/ Sales data/ Pin code wise sales data you can also set the date range here If you want to export any of these just tik the option and press OK.

 STEP 2 ) The same Process is for the AWACS Export/Import Process. 

Go to START Button- OPTIONS- AWACS Export/Import

Retailgraph software mneu window.

Now click the Registration Option, A window will open and we need to follow the same process as above. From the button marked in the image, you can select the path of the data. After inserting the details press ok button.

Retailgraph software stock registration window.

Now click START Button- OPTIONS- AWACS Export/Import- Export DATA.

Retailgraph software stock export window.

Here you can set the date range and set your filters by clicking the Product option as shown In the image your path will come automatically as selected before In the process. After all, Click the OK button.

Retailgraph software stock window.

In case you don’t want to do this process again and again and you want to schedule this process you can also do that. For scheduling follow the steps given below.

 CLICK the START button- TOOLS- Schedule SMS/EMAIL

In the options schedule for you need to select Integration. In schedule Select Export/Import and in Transaction/Report selecting AWACS DDP (Export Data).

 After this, you can select the schedule daily and select the date and the next date will continue. You can also select the monthly by selecting the Monthly date.

 If you face any issue or want to know more about this process please make a ticket on www.swildesk.com or mail us on retailgraph@swindia.com


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