How to Change Gmail Setting to Send Mails by RetailGraph

Change Gmail Settings to send Mails.

"How to Change Gmail Settings to send Mails through Our RetailGraph Software"

Important notification for you.

Last 2-3 days onwards our client-facing mail related issue. Our Software generates E-mails properly but didn't send them because Google does not allow this & Gmail removed "Less Secure" option through the settings.

To solve this issue, please do some new settings. We have shared settings as per the following:

Step 1: First Manage your Google Account

Open your Gmail & press on your Gmail photo which shows on the right upper side of the URL. After that press on "Manage your Google Account" option. Screen as per below: 

Step 2:  Verification and Select the App password Option

After that system opens a new window to change the settingsNow click on the Security tab, then the system opens Security Settings. 

Firstly if you do not do "2-Step Verification" earlier, then please do it first.

After that press on the "App Passwords" option which exists below for 2-Step Verification. Screen as per below:

Step 3:  Enter The App Passwords

When you press on the "App passwords" the system asks for your Gmail password. Please enter your Gmail password. Screen as per below:

Step 4:  Select The App And Device Name  

After that system opens a new window "App passwords". Please select other "(Custom Name)" in Select App. Screen as per below:

Then please mention the Name which you want (Like: US, Retail Graph, etc.) in this window & press on Generate button. Screen as per below:

Select RG App

After that system opens a new window & generates a Password in a Yellow Color box. Please copy or note down this password. Screen as per below:-

Step 5: How To E-Mail And Password Settings In RetailGraph Window

To put in the email credentials, one has to go to Masters>Others>Branch. After that Screen as per below:

 After that please paste or enter this password in the mail setup window which exists in the "Mail Schedule"

After that, The Software will start to send your emails. 

Please check your Mail related issue is solved or not. If you facing any issues please make a Ticket on with mention your Anydesk  ID No. & after connect our SWIL Executive you can also start chatting on Anydesk.

If you require support please read:  How to get online support (Guide & Video)

For more details, please make a ticket at

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