The invoice format can be customized

How to customize the invoice format

You can download the last patch and run first option Update GST Tax Master from System->GST Updates Menu. It will update new formats. 

How to Download new patch for Unisolve-Cross

You have to change format at the time of printing; you can press Alt-P or select print button, then see the format name, delete existing format name, by clicking on it and using Backspace or Del key, then it will show you a list of available formats, and you can select one of them. To update this list, you can Update the GST Tax Master menu option from the System->GST Updates menu.

We have provided you default sales invoice formats in multiple styles to print on plain stationery, on dot matrix and laser printer. We have provided documents on how to download and import these formats in software. You can use wholesale invoice for counter sales and distribution invoice for dispatch as it contains LR information. We have provided separate formats for SGST/CGST and IGST as generally, you don't need IGST column if you are selling within a state. 

For wholesale/distribution sales invoice, you may find the following formats suitable:-

10008 for wholesale/dist invoice on Dot Matrix Printer

10002 for wholesale invoice Laser Printer/Dot Matrix Printer

10016 for distribution invoice with PTR Dot Matrix Printer

10017 for distribution invoice with PTR Laser/Dot Matrix

10018 for distribution invoice (IGST) Laser Printer

10101 for wholesale/distribution invoice with ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (Challan->Invoice)

10111 for wholesale/distribution invoice Laser Printer (Landscape)

10112 for wholesale/distribution invoice (IGST) Laser Printer (Landscape)

10151 for purchase invoice

10201 for Sales Return

10251 for Purchase Return 

10252 for Purchase Return (IGST)


10006 for Distribution invoice with LR Laser Printer

10015 for distribution invoice (IGST) with PTR Dot Matrix Printer

For retail invoice, you may find the following formats suitable

10600 Retail invoice Half Page Laser/Dot Matrix

10601 Retail Invoice Half Page Dot-matrix

10602 Retail Invoice Small (6 inches by 4 inch) Dot Matrix

10603 Retail Invoice Small (6 inches by 4 inch) Laser

10604 Retail Invoice Small Double Laser/Dot Matrix

10605 Retail Invoice Half Page-2 Laser/Dot Matrix

10606 Retail Invoice Double Laser/Dot-matrix

While Printing 

You will have to change format name while printing in invoice using Alt-P. First, you will have to delete the existing format name displayed there; then this imported format name will have to select above imported file name for printing using this new format. You can set the page size for any format by selecting page length in the printing window. 24 is 4 inches (One-third of page), 36 is 6 inches (Half page), 72 is 12 inches (Full page). Page Width should be 79 for 80 column printers and 132 for 132 column printers.

In the Print options window, select: Use Dot Matrix Printer efficiently option. Select Printer Name if it is not to be printed on a default printer. Keep port name blank or set port name to the printer where you want it to be printed. To set tear off on dot matrix printer, use hardware settings of the printer or set zero tear option. Most of the formats follow page length and page width defined in the printing window. By defining page length 36, you can print half page, and by defining page length 72, you can print full page invoice. You can define page length 24 for one third page invoice. Sometimes DDD prints in place of line on dot matrix printer, you can go to system parameters - printers tab and set underline character as '_' (Underscore) to solve this problem.

For half page printing on a laser printer, cut the stationery into half pages and put in paper tray accordingly. Page Length/width may be required to be set according to stationery, e.g. Page Length 66 and Page Width 75 for full A4 page should work properly.


Invoice formats are editable and can be changed by user/support person/computer operator or even external technical persons. We have provided format editor and format designer options in the utility menu. From format description master, you can generate a design for any existing format by context menu (right-click on the mouse) and then can edit the same in format designer option. After editing, you can again generate format and use the same while printing sales invoice. Most of the pre-printed stationery formats can be designed using format designer option provided in 16.2.18 and later versions. We shall provide another document for help.

Small corrections can be done by the user as well by editing format and saving it in a different name. You should always export format, then make a change and then import format. All imported formats are stored with id >11000. Any change done in format with id 10000 to 11000 will be overwritten by new upgrades. 

Still, if you want to take SWIL help in customizing invoice format, please note that Invoice formats can be customized and customization charge Rs 2000 plus 18% GST is applicable for the same. Delivery time is one week after payment

How to make Payment for Software Services - SWIL

All changes must be noted down on existing invoice format by pen, then scan and then send by mail to If changes required again, it would be chargeable. In invoice formats, Printing of Dr/Cr Notes, outstanding, tax detail, Qty Disc or anything else is possible.

Default formats can be used without paying any extra charge for dot matrix/laser printer and will be having all requirements in general. We shall keep on adding more formats in this FTP location. We shall provide you default formats for printed stationery as well, but the printer will have to print it exactly matching to the same.

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