Copying a Sales Invoice in Cross

How to Copy Sales Invoice in Cross

How to Copy Sales Invoice in Cross

In this article, we have explained you how to copy all products with qty. of particular one Sales Invoice into new Sales Invoice No. Sometime User/Operator want to make same Invoice again which we make earlier due to same patient asked for give same product & same qty again.

If User/Operator creates again this invoice manually then taking some time for generate sales invoice, CTRL+E (Copy Sales Invoice) shortcut key helps that time. CTRL+E key copy old Sales Invoice detail in New Sales Invoice No. It’s save User/Operators time & generates fast billing.  

When we enter in New Sales Invoice, then we have to press CTRL+E Key to copy old Invoice No. in new Invoice No. Image as per below:

New Sales Invoice


After press CTRL+E key, we have to enter Old Invoice No. which items we want to copy in New Invoice. Software will make the New Invoice same in every way except for the Invoice No.

If Invoice for different Customer/Patient then software open to change Patient Name in Patient Detail. You can also add or delete the Product & Product’s Qty. as per Patient Requirement.

This option will save your billing time.


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