Create a Sales Invoice Check List Report

How to Create Sales Invoice Check List Report

How to Generate & Use of Check List Report

Check List is one of the most important report in Unisolve Software. You can check your Daily Cash Balance, Daily total Sales, Daily Bills Detail, Sales Person / User wise sales & many other daily options through Check List. We have explained you all options of Check List report in this article. For Print Check List you can select this through Sales Menu. Image as per below:

Check List

Check List:

  1. Enter Date Range: You can enter Date Range from & Upto in this field. Please select Date Range from & upto Date which you want to create Check List Report. Many clients Print Check List on Daily Basis. 
  2. Series: In this caption you can select Sales Series. Software provides all Sales Series options in this Report. “Wholesale", "Distribution", “Third Type”, "Transfer [Out]" & "Packing Slip". As per your working you can select Single Sales Series either Multi Sales Series. 
  3. Station: In this caption you have to select Station Name. When you select any Station name then software shows only this particular Station Sale Check List.
  4. Sale Person: In this caption you have to select Sales Person Name. Single & Multi both selection option is available. When you select any Sales Person Name then software shows only this particular Sales Person’s Sales Invoice in Check List Report.
  5. User: In this caption you have to select User Name. Single & Multi both selection option is avaialbe. When you select any User Name then software shows only this particular User’s Sales Invoice in Check List Report.
  6. Print: In this caption Software provides 2 options "Summary""Detail". If you want to generate Check List in Summary mode then please select Summary Option & if you want to generate Check List Report in Detail mode then please select Detail Option. 

a. Summary: All Sale Invoice show in Summary when you select Summary in Print option. Image as per below:


b. Detail: All Sale Invoice detail show in Detail when you select Detail in Print option. Image as per below:


  1. Invoice No.: In this caption when you select particular one Sales Series in Series Tab then software auto pick this Sales Series Invoice No. as per given Date Range. If you select multiple Series in Sales Series option then it’s show blank & software generate all Sales Data as per given Date Range. 
  2. Print: In this caption Software provide 3 options “Cash""Due" "All Bills".
  1. Cash: If you want to only generate Cash Ssale report then select “Cash” option in this caption. 
  2. Due: If you want to only generate Due/Credit Sale report then select “Due” option in this caption.  
  3. All Bills: If you want to generate both Cash & Due/Credit Sale report then select “All bills ” option in this caption .
  1. Print: In this caption Software provide 2 options “Compress""Normal".
  1. Compress: if you want to report print compress font then select compress option in this report.
  2. Normal: If you want to report print Normal font then select Normal font then select Normal option in this report.
  1. Print Only Net Amount: If you want to print only Sale Invoice Net Amount in this report then select tick mark on “Print Only Net Amount” option in this report. 
  2. Print Customer Code: If you want to print Customer Code in this report then select tick mark on “Print Customer Code” option in this report. 
  3. Print Sales Summary: If you want to print Sale Summary in this report then select tick mark on “Print Sales Summary” option in this caption. After enable this option below Sales Summary option enabled. Sales Summary option shows 3 options “Detail”, “Daily Summary” & “Monthly Summary”. Please select Detail, Daily Summary & Monthly Summary as per your requirement.
  4. Print Day Total: If you want to print Day wise total in this report then select tick mark on “Day Total” option in this report.
  5. Print No of items in an Invoice: If you want to print How many Items in an Invoice in separate column in Check List Report then please select tick mark on “Print No. of items in an Invoice“ option in this report. After this software print a new column No. of Items in this Check List Report.
  6. Page Skip for Each Sales Person: If you want to print only one Sale Person Sale Report in one page & second sale person report print next page in this report then select tick mark “Page Skip for Each Sales Person” option in this report.
  7. Print Bills: In this caption Software provide 3 options "All Bills", "Only Printed Bills" & "Only Unprinted Bills".
  1. All Bills: If you want to print both Printed * & Unprinted Bills in this report then select tick mark “All Bills” option in this report.
  2. Only Printed Bills: If you want to print only Printed bills in this report then select tick mark “Only Printed Bills” option in this report.
  3. Only Unprinted bills: If you want to print only Unprinted bills in this report then select tick mark “Unprinted Bills” option in this report.

You can print & see this & all reports on Screen & convert into PDF & Excel formats also. All Reports of bottom side software give these options “Screen”, “Print”, “File”, “Grid” & “PDF” option. You can select any option as per your requirement.

If you require support please read: How to get online support (Guide & Video)



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