This guide will help you create counter sales in SwilERP

Create Counter Sales

How to Create Counter Sales in SwilERP

What is Counter Sale? 

Counter sale, this option is beneficial for creating multiple sales invoicesAccess to current information on Product, Inventory, Rate Unit, and Group during product entry. In this, you can select any payment mode at your convenience.

In SwilERP if the user wants to generate Multiple Sale Entries in one window then that can be created from the counter sale. To create a sales invoice you have to select the entries which you want to create an invoice after that Generate the Sales Invoice.


Below is the process you need to follow for creating counter sale
  1. Go to Sales > Counter Sales.

Note: Shortcut key of this press "Shift+F2"

Counter Sales

How to Add Product Details

  1. To add Products in the window:

    1. Select the Product which you want to create.
    2. If a user wants to create a New Product, then it can also be created in product master. 
    3. Add product Quantity as per requirement.
    4. Select Payment Method and save the page.
Add Product

How to See the Products in Counter Sale 

  1. If user wants to see Products then:
  1. Click on the option of show all that given on top of the right side.
  2. Then you'll see the list of products of both payments method.
Counter Sale

How to Create Invoice in Counter Sales 

  1. To create a Sales Invoice:
    1. Select the product that you want to make an invoice for.
    2. Click on Create invoice and after that invoice will be generated.
    3. And, Save the window. 

Create Invoice in Counter Sales

  1. In this way, the user can create multiple invoices concurrently.

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