What is Product Master? How to create the Product Master in SwilERP

Create Product Master

How to Create Product Master in SwilERP Software

What is Product Master?

In SwilERP software, the first step in setup is adding products to the product master. The product master allows users to add new products and view them by name or code wise. This feature provides comprehensive product information management. To manage your inventory details in SwilERP, adding all products in software is crucial. Follow the below-mentioned steps to know the process.

In this article, we will show how to create a new product in the Product Master section.

Open SwilERP dashboard in system section

  1. Go to the Master Data> Product Information> Product (Name/Code Wise).
Reference image:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

After that, you'll see the Product List in a new window:
  1. If you want to add a new product then click on the New option.
  2. Users can select the Edit option to edit any product.
  3. Click on the Print option to print the List.
  4. There is an option of Delete if you want to delete any product.
  5. You can refresh the list from the Refresh option.
Reference image:
Product List Options Window

How to Create New Product

Here you need to follow the below-given process for creating a product:
  1. Go to the Product tab to add product details.
  2. Now, select or create a Marketing Group.
  3. Select the Category of your product from the dropdown list or you can create it from the same window.
  4. If you want to add the Manufacturer and Brand name, then enter it in a dialog box.
  5. Enter the Product name which you want to create.
  6. Add Size and Strength if you want to add in product details.
  7. Give a short name by entering the name in the  Alias column.
  8. Users can add HSN code from the list or you can also create it manually.
  9. Add Sales and Purchase tax in the column, whose tax is relevant to transactions.
  10. Enter the Billing unit in the columns. (If user wants to sell a product in loose so click on the "Sell Loose")
  11. Select the Rate Unit as they are mandatory.
  12. If you want to do Shelf management, then enter the shelf number.
  13. As required, enter the Generic Name.
Reference image:
Product Tab
  1. Go to the Additional details tab to add details in this tab.
  2. If a user wants to add MRP, Purchase rate, and Sales rate then that can also be added.
  3. Users can also fill in Stock Details manually in this option.
  4. Add or less the Discount amount accordingly.
Reference image:
Additional Details Tab
  1. Go to the Lot details tab.
  2. In this user can automatically see the Quantity of a particular product and also add opening stock on the same.
  3. Users can add new lot details from this section if they want to add them.
Reference image:
Lot Details Tab
  1. Go to the Image tab.
  2. In this option user can put the images as per their requirements.
  3. Now, save the page with above given option of Save or press "ALT+S".
Reference image:
Image Tab
Note: Kindly fill all Mandatory fields which have an asterisk(*).

Add product from the transaction window

Users can create products from every transaction window by clicking a new tab (For example- purchase/sales invoice, counter sales, opening stock entry, etc.) The product will automatically integrate with the product master:

Go to the Sales invoice section:
  1. Update the Customer's name and other details of a customer.

  2. Now, go to the Product column, where you'll see the list of products.
  3. Click on the New tab to create a new product.
  4. A product creation window will appear, update the details and save the window.
(This is the same process for creating a new product in the every transaction window)
New Tab

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