How to create a Purchase Challan (Receipt Note) within SwilERP Software

Create Purchase Challan Entry

How to Create Purchase Challan Entry in SwilERP

What is Purchase Challan?

A Purchase Challan is an invoice‚Äč issued by the buyer to a seller for purchasing products. It's a document for the confirmation of purchasing, users can create a purchase challan easily in SwilERP. 
After creating an invoice products will automatically be added to stock. This is a non-accounting invoice If a user wants to do accounting then they have to Clear Challan in the purchase invoice. 

Creating a purchase challan do follow these steps:
  1. Open SwilERP desktop:
    1. Go to Purchase> Purchase Challan.
Note: Shortcut key to creating purchase challan press "Ctrl+F9".

Purchase ChallanSwilERP Dashboard Window

How to add Vendor Details

  1. In Purchase Challan Window:
    1. Click on the Home tab.
    2. Enter the Vendor name from the below-given list or you can create it manually.
    3. Add a Reference Number and add more details as per your requirements.
Customer DetailsCustomer Details Window

How to add Products Details 

  1. Add Products Details:
    1. Select the Product or create a new product from the product master.
    2. Select the Batch number.
    3. Add Quantity of the product. 
ProductsProduct Details Window
  1. Save the page with above given option of Saving or press "Alt+S"

How to Clear Challan Invoice 

  1. To Clear purchase challan into Purchase Invoice:
  1. Go to Purchase Invoice.
  2. Select the name of the Vendor name that you've created a purchase challan.
  3. Then you will see the Popup window that indicates information for pending challan.
  4. Go to Clear Challan.
  5. Select the Product that you want to clear challan and press Ok.
Purchase InvoicePurchase Details Window

How to Save Clear challan 

  1. To Save the Clear challan window:
    1. After selecting details of the Product all further details will be automatically fields. 
    2. Now Save the page. 
save the Clear challanProduct Details Window

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