How to Create a Debit Note against Purchase Invoice in SwilERP

How to Create Purchase Debit Note in SwilERP

When users wants to show their purchase transaction in Books of Accounts then they can create a Debit Note instead of a Purchase Return invoice. The reason for creating a Debit note is the Price difference, Saleable, Expired, Damaged, Received short, and Shelf Expired Products. Buyers can easily create a Purchase debit note in the Adjustment section.  

To create an invoice of Purchase Debit Note follow these steps

  1. Open SwilERP Dashboard:
    1. Go to Adjustments> Purchase Debit Note.
Purchase Debit NoteSwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. In a Purchase Debit Note Details:
    1. Select the Vendor name from the list.
    2. Enter the Reference number according to user.

  1. Add Product Details: 
    1. Select the Product Return Type as Saleable/ Damaged/ Price difference/ Received Short/ Shelf Expired. 
    2. Select the Product from the below-given list.
    3. Then select the Invoice number and all further details will automatically be filed.
    4. Save, Draft and Print the invoices from the above-given options.
Add Product DetailsProduct Details Window
  1. To View Purchase Debit Note Details:
    1. Go to the View Option.
    2. Select the navigation options Previews and Next.
    3. Or to view data in a Month-wise, Current year, Date-wise, party-wise, Entry-wise, and Last 7 Days click on these options. 
View Purchase Debit NoteProducts Details View Window

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