Learn How to Create Retail Return Invoice in SwilERP

Create Retail Return Invoice

How to Create Retail Return Invoice in SwilERP

A retail return in SwilERP is an invoice that is issued by the vendor to a customer when the product is returned to the vendor after sale. This can happen for many reasons like, product was  Expired, Damaged, Saleable, Price Difference, Shelf Expired and Received Short.

To create an invoice of Retail Return

From the dashboard do follow these steps:
  1. Go to Sales > Retail Return.

Retail Return SwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. In next page you've to update all details according to requirements.
  1. Update customer Name in the column.
  2. Edit details in Refer by, address, reference number if required. 
Customer Details Customer Details Tab

How to Add Products Details

  1. Enter details of the product for which you want to create an invoice.
    1. Select the Return Type from the list.
    2. Update the Date when you created a sale invoice.
    3. Then select Invoice Number from the list.
    4. After selecting Invoice Number.
Product Details Product Details Window
  1. Save the page from the above given option of saving.
Note: it is mandatory to fill in all details which have a red star mark.

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