How to Create New Stock Location in SwilERP for Transfer Stock

How to Create Stock Location in SwilERP

A Stock Location is an option for users to create a New Location for transferring their stock from one to another location. Users can create a new location in the System section from the stock location option.

To create a new location in SwilERP do follow these instructions

  1. Open SwilERP dashboard: 
    1. Go to System> Stock Location. 
Stock Location
  1. In Stock Location Window:
    1. Click on the New tap. 
    2. Enter your Branch name.
    3. Enter the name of Location that you have been creating.
    4. If Required then edit the Address, Station, Pin Code, Phone number, and Pin Code  
    5. Save the page with given option on top of the left side.
Note: Kindly fill in mandatory fields.
Save the pageLocation Detail Window
  1. To View, Edit, Print, and Delete Created Location:
    1. Go to the Stock location and there you will see the List of Locations
    2. Four Locations are automatically created from system default (Head office/ Hold Stock/ In Transit stock/ Non saleable stock)
    3. User can also Edit locations. 
    4. To Print and Delete the new locations click on the Print and Delete option.
View Location listView Location list Window

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