How To Create New Users, Change Passwords, Assign Users Rights

How To Create New User & how to assign User Rights to Users and Change Password

How To Create New User & how to assign User Rights to Users and Change Password

User Rights are specific access and ability permissions that can be assigned to customizable.

In this article, we have explained you how to create New User & how to give User Rights to a particular User & How to Change Password also of any User. For this please do following steps:

Step 1: Create New User

When you run software then software by default creates 3 Users “Admin, User & ACCNT”. You can make many more other User Name & give rights as per required. For this Please open Administrator-> User List & press on Add button if you want to creates new User in User List. Image as per below:

Create New User

When you have creates new User then please enter User’s Personal Information with Designation, Security Information & many other details. We have explained you as per following: 

  1. Personal Details
  1. Name: Please enter User Name in this field. It’s Compulsory field to enter.
  2. Code: Please enter User Code in this field. User Code shows on Reports & User Code also print this on Sales Invoice & shows on Invoice Browser Table. It’s Compulsory field to enter.
  3. Address: You can enter User complete Address in this field. 
  4. Station: You can enter User’s Station in this field.
  5. Phone No.: You can enter User’s Phone No. in this field.
  6. Mobile: You can enter User’s Mobile No. in this field.
  7. Email ID: You can enter User’s Email ID in this field.
  8. Designation: You can enter User’s Designation/Post in this field. Like: Account, Manager, Operator etc.
  1. User Information
  1. Show Expiry Product Detail: If you want to run the expiry product detail line while billing in Sales Invoice then please enabled this option. 
  2. Connect to Internet: If you want to allow sending Email/SMS & other Internet related options work in this user then please enabled this option.
  3. Provide Side Bar For Entry screen: If you want to show side bar on entry screen (Help Menu) then please enabled this option. (Not any Used at present)
  1. Security Information
  1. Password: You can enter Users Password in this filed. It’s Compulsory field to enter.  
  2. Confirm Password: You can enter the same Password which is you entered in Password field. It’s Compulsory field to enter. 
  3. Machine id: Keep blank if you want to use the user on all system or if you want to use the user for specific system then please enter computer name of particular system.
  4. Data Lock Date: The date which is entered the user can’t change the data till date this will update according to next point. 
  5. Days: The days which is entered those days from current date the user can modify the transaction  (once its updated will not change if you change the Current Date)
  6. Limit for Product Sale Qty (Mobile Users only): If any uses Mobile Application for Sales Order & if they wants to give Limit for Product Sale Qty. then entered Sales Qty. in this field. 
  7. Preferred Sales Series: If you want to maintain different Sales Series & assign particular series for particular user then mention Sales Series in this field. 
  8. Preferred Purchase Series: If you want to maintain different Purchase Series & assign particular series for particular user then mention Purchase Series in this field.
  9. Tran Printing Format: In this filed shows always Text. (Not any Used at present)
  10. Tran Entry Screen: In this filed shows always Text. (Not any Used at present)
  11. Hide Menu: If you wants to Hide any Menu which locked for non super User then please enabled this field.
  12. Super user: if you want to give the admin either all Rights then please enabled this field. 
  13. Principle Series: For fix the user for specific principle only (Unisolve only) then please mention particular Principle Series in this field. 
  14. Allow User to Overwrite Cr. Days By No.: For provide limit of extra credit days to Customer by User.
  15. Allow User to Overwrite Cr. Limit (in %): For provide extra credit Limit in % from updated in Customer by User.
  16. Background Image Path: If wants to User wise Background image shows when run software then please select Image path in this field. 

By above Details you can add a new user as per your requirement.

Step 2: Assign User Rights 

After create New User, if you want to assign User Rights & give rights to open for particular menu/options, and then please open User Rights option in Administrator menu. 

After that select particular User Name which you wants to given Rights as per your requirement. After select User Name press OK then software opens all options/menu of Software. Image as per below: 

Assign User Rights

In this window you have to select the menu which you want to lock for selected user and click ok to apply it for particular User.

When you locked Wholesale Invoice & all other Series of Sales Invoice with Packing Slip Challan for particular User & when this user Login Software then all menu hide which you selected. Image as per below:


Step 3: Copy User Rights

After define User Rights, if you wants to copy same rights in other user then please select “Copy User Rights” option in Administrator menu. This option is work for copy Same User Rights for Other User. Image as per below:

Copy User Rights

  1. User Name: You can enter new User Name in this field.
  2. User Code: You can enter new User Code in this field.
  3. User Password: You can enter Password of new User in this field.
  4. Enter user whose menu settings to be copy: You can select User Name whose rights wants to be copy in new User Name which you entered in User Name field. 

After fill these above details you have to click on ok button and it’s completed. Your new user is ready with the rights as you want.

Step 4: Change User Password

If you wants to change any User Password without modify User Name then please select Change User Password option in Administrator menu. You can enter Old Password in Old password field, New Password in New Password field & Confirm Password entered in which you entered in New Password field. After that press OK then software changes Particular User Password. Image as per below:

Change User Password

If you require support please read:  How to get online support (Guide & Video)



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