How to Create New Vendor/Supplier Party Details in SwilERP

Create Supplier/ Vendor Master

How to Create Supplier/Vendor in SwilERP

What is Vendor? 

Vendors play an important role in the supply chain process for businesses that sell goods. a vendor is an individual or company that supplies the products to businesses or consumers. In SwilERP, when you purchased the stock there are mandatory field to fill vendor details. To maintain the records of stock that from which vendor you purchased and also set the promotion detail, its important to create vendor.    

With SwilERP, users can update vendors every detail with the vendor master form. In this you can update following details:
  1. Vendor details
  2. Additional/ license details
  3. Approved products details    
SwilERP featured a new option to add products in approved products section. With this option, users can create a list of particular products that they always purchased from vendors. 


Here are the step to create new vendor, do follow the below- given instructions

Open SwilERP dashboard in the System section 

  1. Go to the Master data> Supplier
SwilERP Dashboard Window

How to view details of vendors

  1. A new window of vendor creation will appear in next slide. 
  2. There you'll see all the vendor details that you're created.
  3. Users can also Edit the previously created vendors.
  4. Go to the New option to create new vendor. 
List Of Vendor Details

Create new vendor in master

There is three types of detail that you've to fill while creating vendor master.

1. In vendor details window:

  • The First step is enter the Vendor name in column. 
  • Give a sub name in the Alias tab. 
  • Fill up details in the Address, Station, District, State, and Pincode dialog box.
  • Enter the Contact details of your vendor.
  • E-Mail id, Date of birth, etc also fill in these details, as per your requirements. 
  • Add GST details if you want to do an accounting of transactions. 
  • Select the Location where you want to show the vendors' details.
  • Vendor Details Window

    2. In additional details window:

    1. In the additional details, users can add the status of Active and Inactive vendors and also fill in the details of TIN, CST No, and Other license details of your business.
    Additional Details Window

    3. In approved products window:

    1. With this option, users can create a list of particular products that they always purchased from vendors. They can apply filter and select the products from this option.
    2. The last option is Save the page.
    Approved Products Window

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