The new version of Unisolve-Cross can be downloaded here

How to Download new patch for Unisolve-Cross

Please follow this document to update new patch for version 16.2:

You should download the latest patch for better results. If you are worried about new problem coming due to a new patch, please be assured that any such new problem generated due to new patch will be attended within 7 working days by providing a new patch for download.
After downloading any patch 16.2.17 or later, you have an option in the help menu to download the new patch, and it will be copied on LAN computers also automatically. After selecting download from the help menu, answer YES to continue, and it will come out of software and USCSDOWNLOADS.EXE will start downloading a new patch from FTP when it completes downloading, Run Unisolve again. At this time, you need to shut down working on nodes. After the new version is updated on server and server displays Unisolve menu, you can start nodes one by one, and the new version will be updated on nodes as well. The node will give a message, come out and start updating the new version.

After downloading the patch, run Update GST Tax Master from System->GST Updates menu to get new invoice formats provided in this patch. After this, go to printing and change the format name. To change format name, you have to delete existing format name using Del Key or BackSpace on printing parameters window. Then you can select new format having id > 10000. You can try different formats and find which one is more suitable for you. To get a customized format, please download another document, how to change invoice format. You can check what's a new option in the help menu.

You can get information about various invoice formats and download them.

How to customize the invoice format

Please download the latest patch for Unisolve/Cross (If 16.2 is already loaded) from:

For Unisolve

*Unzip above file in the folder of US.EXE (It can be seen by right click on icon, properties and open file location option) You may need to change target exe to US.exe if the icon is not pointing to US.exe.

For Cross

*Unzip above file in the folder of CS.EXE (It can be seen by right click on icon, properties and open file location option) You may need to change target exe to CS.exe if the icon is not pointing to CS.exe.

Common steps

*In case of LAN (Multiple computers, repeat above step on all computers)

You have a menu option to download SWILUPDATE.dll, which will contain a new option when we don’t deliver a patch. It can be copied only on the server computer and used. If you copy on LAN nodes, you will be able to see new options on a node as well. 

You have a menu option to download and use the same for finding out HSN/ tax codes. It contains around 2 lac products. It is a free service provided by AWACS, and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the same.

We do understand that all this contains a lot of technical jargon, but the GST regime has forced us to deliver updates online-only, and we are working on improving and simplifying this process. Thank you for your cooperation! 

To load new version 16.2 first time:

How to Install Unisolve-Cross GST_16_2 Version

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