Getting online support (Guide & Video)

How to get online support (Guide & Video)

You can watch the following video for help:

How to add ticket on

Please visit and add a ticket.

You can access the following link as well to raise support request:

Please search the knowledge base for your questions. You may find an answer there which will help you in resolving your problem yourself.

Please download the new patch. Please see How to download the new patch in Unisolve CROSS->User Guide section in the knowledge base.

Please send a mail to if you are not able to raise a ticket. Please make sure that you provide ticket no if you are calling over phone or sending a text message over SMS/Whatsapp for followup of your request.

Please help us to help you better. Please add ticket at for support. Please sign up so that you are able to sign in and see the status of your tickets yourself. You can download the Zoho desk app from Google Play Store or Apple iPhone app store and raise a support ticket or see the status of your tickets.

You can get online assistance from us using Team Viewer or Ammy Admin. Both options are available in the help menu inside the software.

For the speed issue, there is a checklist provided in the help menu; please implement the same with the help of your hardware vendor. Please make sure to exclude following in Anti-virus software such as QuickHeal:

PORT defined for server in company/principal master

UNISOLVE exe folder

UNISOLVE data folder

Please explore other options in the help menu as well. Please see Global function keys and use CTRL+ or CTRL - to increase or decrease font size in sales invoice on screen. You can always get better results with updated hardware. You must use windows server software on the data server and windows xp/7/10 on node machines having 4 GB RAM. For more than two machines, a better option is to deploy a server for better speed. You must have an internet connection for getting online support.