Implementing Remarks in Sales Invoices in Cross?

How to Implement Remark Filed in Sales Invoice in Cross?

How to Implement Remark Filed in Cross

Sometimes you may want to enter some Remarks & Notification Product wise when making Sales Invoice. You can use Remark field for Doctor Receipt No. etc. For this Software provides Remark option. To enable this please enter width in “Remark Field Width” option in System-> System Maintenance ->System Parameters-> Defaults tab. In this article we have explained you how to Use Remarks in Sales Invoice & how to print when Print Sales Invoice in Cross software. Image as per below:

Remark Field Width

After this when you enter Retail invoice and enter Product & select batch, then it shows in bottom remark field in sales invoice screen as per following:

Retail invoice

This remark can be printed in sales invoice and you can even sort sales invoice item printing on the basis of this remarks field. If this use in format sorting process. Please define Head Lines (Like: SortedItems:=.t.,SortedBy:=”SP”) after file in Product detail line print in remarks variable (Like: FV(stocktbl,”part”) ). Image as per below:

Head Lines

Product detail

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