Making a Sale Invoice with Expiry Products Shown in the Bottom

How to Show Expiry Product Detail in bottom while making Sale Invoice

How to Show Expiry Product Detail in bottom while making Sale Invoice 

In this article, we have explained you How to show How to Show Expiry Product Detail in bottom while making Sale Invoice which can remind us about products already expired in our shop. After enabling this option Expired Products shows with Batch, Qty & M.R.P. in bottom side. Expired Products Line auto run in bottom side of Sales Invoice. That time user is able to watch Expired Products. To enable this please do following changes:

Please modify User through Administrator -> User List & enable “Show Expiry Product Detail” option in User Master. Image as per below:

Show Expiry Product Detail

After that please run Update Expiry Message option through System-> Facilities menu. Software takes some time when you have to run this option due to software collect & update Expiry details. When software completes above process then software shows Successfully Update on screen. Image as per below:

Update Expiry Message

After that when you make Sales Invoice, then software auto run in Bottom side of Sales Invoice for already Expired Products Line. Image as per below:

Sales Invoice

Now you can check your Expired Product Details when you make Sales Invoice & take necessary action for Expired Products. 

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