Upload/Download Sales - Purchase Invoices in Unisolve/Cross

How to Start auto Upload/Download Sales - Purchase Invoice in Unisolve/Cross


How to start auto Upload/Download Sales Purchase

In this article, we have explained to you a new option “How to start auto Upload/Download Sales Purchase” through UnisolveCross

This option is very useful especially for Retailers using our Cross software. After starting this any Cross/Unisolve user auto Import our Purchase when they received our Purchase through any Unisolve user. The software will auto-linked both software’s/users. “Unisolve to Cross”“Unisolve to Unisolve”. The software will auto-upload Sales Invoice through Unisolve Software & Customer which used our Cross/Unisolve software, Software will auto-download Purchase Invoice. This process will work if GST No. properly entered in Customer/Supplier master. 

To implement this, please install our latest patch 16.3 & follow these steps:

Step I: (For Unisolve/Cross both Users)

Please enable “Enable Auto Upload/Download Invoice” option through System Parameters. (System-> System Maintenance-> Accounts Tab). Screen as per below:

Enable Auto Upload

Step II: (For Unisolve/Cross both Users)

After that please mention time in seconds in the “SWIL Auto Upload/Download Invoices Time (in Seconds)” option through System Parameters. (System-> System Maintenance-> Accounts Tab). By default entered 600 Seconds means 10 Minutes. As per your requirement, you can Increase/Decrease time through this option. Screen as per below:

SWIL Auto Upload

Step III: (For Unisolve/Cross both Users)

Please check & enable “Connect to Internet” through User Master. (Administrator-> User List). After that run software with this user. Screen as per below:

Connect to Internet

Step IV: (For Unisolve User) 

After that when make Sales Invoice in Unisolve then software auto upload our all Sales Invoices on the server. No need to run any manual process. If you want to upload Sales Invoices manually then please run the “Upload Sales (SWIL)” option through the Sales-> Invoice Export/Import menu. Screen as per below:

Upload Sales

Step V: (For Unisolve/Cross both Users)

After that Unisolve/Cross software shows pop up (“Download Invoice: Invoices are Pending for download. Do You Want to Download? Yes/No.”) on software screen when your supplier makes your Sales Invoice through Unisolve & upload on Server. When you press “Yes” then software opens a new window for Product mapping. The first time you should be mapped all Products with Supplier Product, after that press on OK button then software auto Import your Purchase. Screen as per below: 

Download Invoice

Step VI: (For Unisolve/Cross both Users)

If you want to upload Purchase Invoices manually then please run “Download Purchase (SWIL)” option through the Purchase menu. Screen as per below:

Download Purchase

Please run our latest patch & avail of this facility. 

If you require support please read:  How to get online support (Guide & Video)

For more details, please make a ticket at swildesk.com.



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