Make a Sales Purchase Return Note by updating the sales invoice number & date

How to Update Sales Purchase Invoice No & Date when make Sales Purchase Return Note

How to Update Sale/Purchase Invoice No. & Date when make Sale/Purchase Return Note

In this article, we have explained you how to update Sales/Purchase Invoice & Date when make Sales/Purchase Return either Credit/Debit Note. This is very useful option, if you not update Sales/Purchase Invoice no. when you make Sales/Purchase Return note then GST can not be claimed back on returns.. 

For this firstly you can check your all old Year Companies mentioned or not in System-> System Maintenance-> System Parameters-> Account Tab. If not updated your all Old Year companies in this caption then please update this. Image as per below:

System Parameters

After that you can run “Update Purchase Invoice No. & Date in Stock History” option through GST-> GST Reports option. When you run this option then software run & update you all old Purchase Invoice No. & Date in History file automatically. Image as per below:

GST Reports

Above two process may take some time but you need to them run only once. After completing above process, when you create Sales/Purchase Return Note or Sales/Purchase Credit/Debit Note then software auto pick & Update Invoice No., Invoice Date in appropriate column. Image as per below:

Invoice Date

If any case when software not pick automatically Sales/Purchase Invoice No. & Date when make Sales/Purchase Return note, then you can all update manually also. For update Invoice No. & Date manually, please do following steps: 

update Invoice

When create Sale Return (To Update Sale Invoice No. & Date), Please press F6 key for this and when create Purchase Return (To Update Purchase Invoice No. & Date), Please press F12 key for this. After that you can press F9 key for Update Invoice No. & Date in Invoice No. column. Image as per below:

Update Invoice

If you require support please read: 

How to get online support (Guide & Video)



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