In Unisolve, how to handle multiple godowns

How to Implement Multi Godown Handling in Unisolve


How to Implement Multi Godown Handling in Unisolve

In this article, we have explained about the features of Multi-Godown function. Multi Godown facility helps you to manage the Stock of Multi-Godown and can bill from the running counter with a Single Key.

How to Start Multi-Godown function


First please enable (True) “Use Multi Godown Selection” (No. 13) option through System->System Maintenance->System Parameters->System Tab. When you open System Parameters then software required password, Please put “USSC” in password window. Screen as per below:

Use Multi Godown Selection

After update this save the parameters. 

You have completed the first step of enable the Multi godown function

Step 2:

How to Create Multi Godown Master

After complete this please create Multi Godown. For create Multi Godown please follow the below given steps:

  1. Please select “Stock Location” option through System->Master Data->Product Information menu. You can add you Godown/Billing Locations as per your requirement with help of ALT+A key. When you enter your Godown Locations then system asked following options:
  1. Code: Code will auto generate (Not editable)
  2. Name: Here you have to enter the Godown Location Name or Godown Number.
  3. Remarks: Here you can enter the details or remarks about Stock Location (Godown)

Screen as per below: 

Now after do this you have completed the Master Part of Stock Location (Godown) 

Step 3:

How to use the Godown Location in Transactions (Purchase/Sales)

  1. Purchase: While you enter your Purchase Invoice, then software provides you selection of Stock Location (Godown) in different 2 ways. We have explained you both ways as per following: 

  1. Whole Purchase Invoice entered in different Location: In this option Software asked you Location Selection option on Header Part of Purchase Invoice in front of Sr. No. You can select your Location with help of Up Arrow Key & clear the Series then software asked selection for Series. When you select other Location in this part then software entered your complete Stock of this Purchase Invoice in other Location which you select in Header. Screen as per below:
Purchase invoice

  1. Location selection option in Product Detail when entered in Purchase Invoice: While enter Purchase, if you want change stock location for specific product then you can select the Stock Location in detail part of Product Entry after the mfg date “Location” option is there just enter the Stock Location Code here on which you want to update stock for that product. Screen as per below:

  1. Sales: While Raising Sales Invoice, if you don’t have stock on Current Billing Location and you entered the Required Qty. then Software will Auto Open Transfer Stock window with the detail of Location which is having that Product Stock and will ask to enter the quantity for transfer in Current Billing Location. Here you have to enter the required quantity and press Alt+F10 then stock will auto transfer from Godown Location to Current Billing Location & Software auto creates Transfer Entry for Stock Adjustment. Screen as per below:
Sales invoice

    When you make Purchase/Sales Invoice, and then can also check Godown wise Current Stock with help of Ctrl+L key. When you press Ctrl+L key on Purchase/Sales Invoice window then softwar   opens Location wise Stock window in bottom side. Screen as per below: 

purchase and sales invoice

   Step 4: 

How to Transfer Stock from One Location to Other Location

For Transfer Stock Location of multiple products in one entry you have followed the given steps. Software provides you 2 options for transfer Stock Location option in Adjustment menu. We have explained you both options as per following:

  1.  Stock Location Transfer: In this option you can transfer your stock one location to another location Product wise. You can select Product Name then software auto option & show you Current Qty       Location wise & option to enter Transfer Qty with help of ALT+F10 key for save. Screen as per below:
Stock Location Transfer

  1. Stock Location Transfer (Group): Here we have another option for Stock Transfer which is given you freedom for transfer stock in few clicks by selection the Master Group/Group/Product. By this option in few clicks you can Transfer whole stock of products from one location to another location.

For use this option you have to follow some steps

Go to Adjustment and select Stock Location Transfer (Group). It’s very time saving option, if you wants to transfer Company wise all Product Stock in other Location. Details as per below:

  1. From Location: Here you have to select the location from which you want to transfer the Stock. 
  2. To Location: Here you have to select the location on which you want to transfer the Stock.
  3. Now select Master Group/Group/Product & select OK then your all Stock will transfer in other Location which you select in “To Location”. Screen as per below: 

Step 5:

How to view Stock Location Report

For view the Stock detail Location wise you have to follow the below given steps. For this please select “Location wise Stock” report through Reports->Inventory Details menu. When you select this report then software open Report Parameters as per following. 

  1. Location List: Here you have to select the location of Stock for the Report.
  2. Valuation Rate: Select the Rate on which you want the valuation of Stock.
  3. More filters for Product Selection. Like: Master Group/Group/Attribute/Category/Product
  4. You can also print Generic Name with enabled “Print Generic Name” caption.

Screen as per below:

Print Generic Name

For more details, Please add a ticket at

If you require support, please read: How to get online support (Guide & Video)



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