A step-by-step guide to viewing your balance sheet in SwilERP

View Balance Sheet

How to view Balance Sheet in SwilERP 

What is Balance Sheet in SwilERP?

A balance sheet tells you a business's worth at a given time, so you can better understand its financial position. Balance sheet states a business's assets and  liabilities at a specific time. They offer a snapshot of what your business owns and what it owes, as well as the amount invested by its owners, reported on a single day. It also provides you with your closing stock details that are important for your business. 

In SwilERP, there is an option to view the Balance Sheet and users can also view the comparison between the Last to Current year. 
For a business, the Balance sheet provides a snapshot of a company's finances. In the balance sheet, users can view their Closing stock, Opening stock, Profit and Loss, AssetsLiabilities, Reserves, Surplus, etc.


Do follow these instructions to view the Balance Sheet

  1. Open SwilERP Dashboard in the Queries section: 
    1. Go to Queries> Balance sheet. 
Balance SheetSwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. In the Balance Sheet Window:

    1. Go to the Home Tab. 
    2. Select the As on Date in which you want to view the Balance sheet.
    3. If you want to view the difference between Last and current year, tick mark on the Last Year Comparison.  
    4. Select Format File as in Balance Sheet/ Last year's Balance Sheet.
    5. Click on the View option. 
Balance Sheet WindowHome Window
  1. To View the Profit and Loss Account:

    1. In the Source Of Funds section.
    2. Double Click on the P&L Loss/Profit and after that, a new window will be opened of the Profit and Loss account.
    3. Now, You'll see the Expenses and Income section in the Profit and Loss account window. 
Source Of FundsProfit and Loss Account Window
  1. To view the Trading Account:

    1. In the Expenses or income Section. 
    2. Double Click on the Gross Loss/ Profit and after that a new window will be opened of the Trading account.
    3. You'll see the Expenses and Income in the Trading account window.
Trading AccountTrading Account Window
  1. To view the Purchase and Sales Account:

    1. In the Expenses and Income section. 
    2. Double click on the Purchase/ Sales Account and then, a new window will be opened of Account Group Details. 
    3. There you can view the Purchase tax-wise amount i.e Exempted, 5% GST or 12% GST. 
Purchase and Sales AccountAccount Group Window
Note: This is the same process to view Sales Account. 
  1. To view the Purchase/ Sales ledger Account:

    1. In the Account Group Details window.
    2. Double click on the Tax Rate whose Ledger account you want to view. 
    3. For example, you choose Purchase of 12 % taxable Goods and after that, now you can see the bill number wise purchase ledger. 
view Sales AccountLedger Account Window
Note: To view the Ledger account first you have to the Purchase or Sales Account.

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