How to View Your Pharmacy Store Fast Moving Items in SwilERP Software

Fast Moving Items Report

How to View Fast Moving Items in SwilERP

This report provides you data of Fast Moving Items. In this option, you have to select the date range and minimum sales quantity or amount, after that report will be generated accordingly. Users can view sales in Category, Brand, Strength, Generic, MktgCo, Product, and Schedule wise. 
Do follow step-by-step instructions to view Fast Moving Items
  1. From the dashboard in Reports section:

    1. Go to Sales Analysis> Product wise> Fast moving item.
Fast moving itemSwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. In the Fast Moving Items report section:

    1. Enter the Date Range from where you want to view report.
    2. Tick mark the Options-
      1.  Deduct return.
      2.  Include Pending.
      3.  Location wise.
    3. Enter the minimum sales Quantity and Amount from where you want to view your report.
    4. Select and Filter the Product/ Manufacturer. 
    5. Now, select the option of that detail you want in the report as in Category, Brand, Strength, Generic, MktgCo, Product, and Schedule wise.     
    6. Click on the View option. 
Fast Moving Items report sectionProduct Detail Window
  1. To view the report in a Chart Format:

    1. Click on the Chart option.
    2. You can also choose the Type of Chart.
Chart FormatChart Format Window
  1. To Print, Preview, and Convert reports into excel format. 

    1. Go to the Display tab.
    2. Click on the Print and Preview Option to print your reports.
    3. Then, click on the 'T' point and select the option in which you want to convert your reports.
Convert reports into excel formatDisplay Window

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