How to View Patient-wise Sales Return & Item Sales Summary Report in SwilERP

Group-Patient Wise Sales Report

How to View Group-Patient Wise Sales Report in SwilERP 

In SwilERP, There is an option to view Group- Patient Wise Sales report in Report Section. With this option, User can also view their report in Summary wise/ Detail wise/ Month wise/ Day wise/ Monthly/ Quarterly/ Cumulative


To view reports in SwilERP do follow these instructions
  1. From the Dashboard in Reports Section:

    1. Go to Sales Analysis> Group- Patients Wise Sales.
Reports SectionSwilERP Dashboard Window

To View Patients Wise Reports 

  1. In Group- Patients Wise Sales Report: 
    1. Select the Date Range from where you want to view report. 
    2. Select Report Type in which you want view reports.
    3. Filter and Select the Products, Sales Person, and Customer. 
    4. Click on the View Option.
View Patients Wise Reports Product Details Window

View in a Chart Format 

  1. To view the report in a Chart Format:
    1. Click on the Chart option.
    2. You can also choose the Type of Chart.
Chart FormatChart Format Window

How to Print and Preview the reports 

  1. To Print and Preview the Reports:
    1. Go to the Display option.
    2. Click on the Print and Preview Option to print your reports.
Print and Preview the reports Print And Preview Details Window

How to Convert report into excel format 

  1. To convert your reports into excel format:
    1. Go to the Display tab.
    2. Click on the 'T' then select the option in which you want to view your reports.
Convert report into excel format Convert Into Excel Window

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