SwilERP - How To View Inquire Account Balance

Inquire Account Balance

How to Inquire account balance in SwilERP

Definition of Account Balance 

Account balances are an important part of accounting. 

An account balance is the amount of money present in a financial repository and the balance is always the net amount after factoring in all debits and credits. It’s important to monitor account balances so you can manage your finances. In this article, we explain how to view inquire balance of your account. 

SwilERP has featured Inquire Balance option in which you can view the opening balance of Debit/Credit and the current balance of Debit/Credit side along with their Account and Account Group name. 
Users can easily view their account details with the below-given few steps.

Do follow these instructions to Inquire about Balance 
  1. Open SwilERP Dashboard in the Queries section:

    1. Go to the Inquire Balances
Inquire BalancesSwilERP Dashboard Window

 To view all the Account balance

  1. In the next slide, you'll view the Account Balance window:
    1. Go to the Home Tab. 
    2. Select the Location in which you want to view the detail.
    3. Click on the View option. 
    4. There you'll see all Account balances. 
Home tabHome Tab

 To View Formula wise Account Balance

  1. There is an option to view formula wise details:
    1. Select the Range in more than, less than, and is equal ( =, =>, =<) to view details.
    2. Accordingly, enter the opening balance or current balance amount in a dialog box.
    3. Filter Account that you only want to view in detail. 
    4. Click on the View tab.
For Example, you'll choose a Current balance debit of more than 250 rupees then details will be shown according to this.  
account balanceFormula Wise Tab
    1. Go to the Display option.
    2. Click on the Print and Preview option to print your details.
Display optionDisplay Window
  1. Convert your details into different Formats:

    1. Go to the Display option.
    2. Click on the 'T' point and there you'll see the options of different formats.
    3. Select the Option in which you want to convert your details.
different formatsDisplay Window

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